A Snacks Story

Founded in December 2008, Lenka Dransfield launched Alli & Rose LLC with household favorites, Chocolate Blueberry & Açai and Chocolate Pomegranate in Dollar Tree stores across the USA.

Alli & Rose is also the company’s signature brand, specializing in decadent chocolate items such as Dark Chocolate Honeycomb and Dark Chocolate Coated Strawberries. Other notable brands include Tropical Fields, The SnakYard, Sea Temple Snacks, Alfred’s Lane and Tropical Fields Bakehouse.


Along Came Alli & Rose

Alli & Rose LLC is a family owned and family run business, dedicating their lives to sourcing, producing and supplying innovative, delicious and addictive snacks to a global market.

Happy Snacking!


Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced seasonally so they’re as fresh as possible. We support local farmers in Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Season harvest
  • Fresh quality
  • Supporting farmers